What does Blaine say about Valentine’s Day? I love a holiday that’s all about taking risks and telling someone that you love them? Encouraging you to take risks?

AND HE LIKES THE SPECIFIC ~ENCOURAGEMENT~ to take risks and tft in multiple ways is written all over this too and /flails/ at the little knot of contradictions!  Saying everything you feel but it’s so much better when you’re somehow ~supposed~ to.

Well, also it’s saying the positive emotions, right? Saying “I love you” can lead to “I don’t feel that way” (or “please never come to the Gap again”) but it can also lead to “I love you too.” Saying “I’m scared of losing you” or “I feel bad about myself” is going to lead to a far more difficult and nuanced conversation.

Yada-yada-yada, which was popularized but not invented by Seinfeld.

Have switched out the summer couch throw pillows for the winter ones. WHO AM I THAT I HAVE TWO SETS OF THROW PILLOWS?!


I mean, I have SOME idea why


I mean, I have SOME idea why

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chordover @darrencriss oh Blaine!!! We love you! #powerbottom

chordover @darrencriss oh Blaine!!! We love you! #powerbottom

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I’m just like:


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10 songs from one of my favorite bands of all time, with Spotify links. 

Shep Smith calls out the Ebola panic merchants. If you’re freaking out from the news, watch this. And then go get your flu shot. 


For iconicklaine's brilliant Vegas Wedding!Klaine prompts. I couldn't resist.

Kurt and Blaine are strangers, both in town as guests for separate weddings. The night before the weddings they meet in a bar, get tanked and then get hitched. Shenanigans, love at first sight, all the sexytimes.

Blaine would have noticed him anyway, he’s sure. A guy that gorgeous and poised and put together despite it being nearly 2am in the bar of a chaotic Vegas casino would catch Blaine’s eye regardless.

The fact that he’s wearing a tight black tank top with Bride’s Bitches written in sparkly gold letters, sipping a strawberry daiquiri as big as his head with what appears to be a penis-shaped straw, and swiveling his hips to the unceasing tempo of the techno music pulsing around them only draws Blaine’s gaze a little stronger.

Like, he cannot tear his eyes away. Then the guy notices Blaine noticing him, smirks and does this enticing little shoulder shimmy in Blaine’s direction and-

“Blainey!” Cooper drapes his heavy, sweaty body over Blaine’s shoulders and yells slurred and stupid and right into Blaine’s ear, “Stripper time, woo!”

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I have loved all of these stories, because they are so sweet and ridiculous. This one in particular does a nice job of grounding the ridiculous in the mundane, which lets it soar.