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Michael on Lex: “You just kinda love the guy…you don’t want him to turn bad because you see what he went through. And he’s trying to be good. The real liar - we all know who the real liar is on Smallville - and that’s Clark Kent! (crowd applauds) He’s a liar! He didn’t tell me about the super powers. Episode One should have ended the whole series! He should have been like “Listen, I saved you. I lifted up the car. I ripped you out of the car, I gave you mouth to mouth…I slipped some tongue in there because I’m a perv…and let’s rule the world together, Lex!”


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mshoneysucklepink said: Well, if I'm being completely honest...I've thought, "what if I end up liking Blaine and Dave MORE than Klaine? What if they do a midship for Kurt and I like them better too? What if we get to the end and I realize my original ship is no longer my ship?" I mean, I didn't actively watch HIMYM, but I could see how some people got mad that Barney and Robin broke up, but also how others were GLAD they broke up. I'm sure there were Ted/Robin shippers ecstatic at the end. So I fear MY reaction too!


ahahah I don’t think that’s possible for me!  Although I have feared how much I’ll end the show really shipping Klaine… can they stick the landing, after all this?  Idk.  I think they’ll likely leave it in a place where I’ll want to ~make it work,~ at least.

But if not I suppose it’s not impossible that I’ll ship ~my~ Blainofsky more just by default, if Klaine really doesn’t work for me.  And I’m already quite attached to Kurt/Adam and fond of Kurt/Elliott so lol I don’t even need any new midships there.

worst OTPer I know.

To be fair, I don’t think any midship on Glee is comparable to Barney/Robin. They spent multiple seasons on Barney/Robin. The whole last season was set over the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding. Ted had multiple episodes about getting past his jealousy of Barney and Robin, and letting go of the “what if” with Robin — who, let’s remember, he broke up with years before she started dating Barney.

So, to discover at the end that THE MOTHER, who we’d been told for nearly a decade was Ted’s great love, was actually the midship, and Barney/Robin was also a midship, and the real endgame all along was Ted/Robin, was a lot of whiplash for a HIMYM fan to put up with. 

There is nothing Glee could do with Blainofsky that would be comparable that bait and switch. (Which apparently I’m still bitter about?)

I wish Grant Gustin could clone himself, because while I’m totally psyched for him and The Flash, I would be more excited about this Blaine midship if it were with Sebastian. True facts.


Renaming these as follows: neckerchief cutie, bones jacket, crying time, sexy crying time, bruce you flirt, foxy, running from Adam, dirtiest of cute that ever city cited, and scissor sexy.

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Anonymous said: I don't like the way you draw blaine.


I appreciate the feedback and have made the following changes


Pretty much, yeah.


Pretty much, yeah.

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On a happier note: I’m listening to Animal (Glee cast version) right now and all I can think about is how the a good portion of Klaine’s Season 2 dynamic was basically Blaine dragging Kurt around because “quick Kurt we have to sing a duet together there’s no time to explain.”

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I would probably pass out if they called each other “Mr. Hummel” and “Mr. Anderson” oh man

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dreamingofklainebows said: I am in LOVE with Beginner's Luck! Can't believe Kurt doesn't recognize Blaine, even his voice. So excited they met in real life! Can't wait to read more. Thank you for your lovely contributions to the fandom, you are very appreciated. :)

Oh, thank you so much! That’s really sweet.

I have gotten a lot of feedback saying basically, how can Kurt not recognize Blaine is Devon? Well, Blaine is dressed as himself and has his hair gelled down at school, and wears a uniform and his hair is ungelled at work. (not his ideal choice, but what the clinic asks him to do. That’s why his sessions are mostly early in the day, so he can style his hair properly later.)  Plus an eye mask really does more than you’d think it would to disguise a person.

Perhaps most importantly, it never occurs to Kurt that he’d come across Devon at NYADA; those are such different pieces of his life. As a lifelong Clark Kent/Lois Lane shipper, it doesn’t seem wholly ridiculous to me that you could fail to notice someone right under your nose when you don’t expect to see them there.

Which leads me to the final reason: if Kurt did recognize Blaine, the story would be a lot less fun. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride!